Thursday, October 26, 2006

Opening weekend at Cabelas in Mitchell South Dakota

After a summer of working hard at sales events and seeing what the Outdoor Industry and the Paddle Sports Industry specifically considers a "successful" event I was blown away by the commerce that was going on at the Mitchell Cabelas the day before the pheasant hunting opener in South Dakota. The huge parking lot was completely full. Once inside you could not move an inch without hitting a person. There had to be about 1500 people there while I was visiting. The shop was open until 11pm and a buddy of mine stopped in about 10pm and said it was just about as full then as it was while I was there at 4pm, he had to stand in line to purchase a permit. A quick look at the paper told me that pheasant hunting alone brings about 108 million dollars to the state of South Dakota annually, I would say that Cabelas was taking a good chunk of that. The pin picture shows the number and scope of people visiting the store on that weekend alone...... camo kayak anyone????

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