Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BEST SKI BOOKS #1 Bob "Boogie" Mann

These photos are priceless. They are in the book Hot Dog Skiing by Bob himself. The book is totally worth reading as it gives a great snap shot of the freestyle revolution in the early 1970's. In fact it is even written in the vernacular of the day. Here is a tasty one describing the first mogul event he ever participated in
"The air was filled with Marijuana. It looked like a heavy scene. Everybody looked stoned out, going berserk. People were doing things that they never did before and never would do again. The crowd- five thousand people, was lined up four deep down the run, people hanging from the chair lifts, people in the trees."
Bob is the inventor of the "slow dog noodle" a revered and often tried freestyle move that we will never remember. In any case, this is a must have book for the hard core ski library and I would recommend buying it if you see it. Oh yeah, I am not sure but I think Bob stores his wax in his front pocket, or maybe.....dude!!!!!

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Thanks for the great book recommendations!