Saturday, November 18, 2006

CORE: What are you going to look like at 50?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.
Oh by the way this guy is like 60 and harder than you, paddling is a killer life long deal so try it..........

My father showed up in the gloom of a typical November morning during stick season here in Northern Minnesota. We live close enough to Lake Superior that we get the fog that is created when either the lake is warmer in temp and the air is cooler or visa versa. So sometimes it is gloomy enough that you feel like your swimming through the air. In any case we saw a decent window to pour the upper sill footings for the Sauna. Yikes did we push hard on that baby, more sledghammering, lifting and fighting with that rock than I care to admit. But in the end we endured enough to create a perfect set of footings to tie the roof into and to also tie the walls into. Pictures to follow but right now it is enough to say that we won and now we are set up for an early winter framing that might take place as early as the Thanksgiving weekend.

Gus and I just returned from a nice couple hours of MTB riding in the state park. Deer season is in full swing and it is awesome out- running bullets in the deep woods, we just hook on those fake horns and start kicking ass! Just kidding, we just wear orange and ride really loud..... actually still kidding, in realiy the state park becomes a haven for big bucks and addicted singletrack riders this time of year since it is officially closed to hunting of all kinds. This is a big deal for people like me. In fact I need to really say it like I mean it. A state park (or national as well if you are that lucky) is one of the biggest perks of picking a place to live if you ask me. It is really state sponsored recreation and I had never really given thought to the social benefit that it really gives to us. I literally use it everyday. Whether it is riding, both road and mountaiin, trail running, swimming, skiing, skating, rollerskiing, fishing, whitewater paddling, hiking or just plain hanging out at the volleyball courts or picnic areas. I also love the fact that at the mulitple trailheads there are bathrooms and water fountains. You can go on the mac daddy rides without woryying about getting water or of dealing with the inevitable grumpy you get hit with at about 2, 3 hours of riding! No doubt going in the woods is no problem but hey when you got a 1930's CCC stone loo to use why the heck not?

Late season riding is fun in the fact that it is a totally different surface and now we have a bit of snow on the frozen singletrack, so it is fast and firm yet slippery at the same time, power carves are a gas because the rear tire just swings around slick. After years of working in the outdoor industry I have a good collection of comfy winter riding wear as well so it is not a problem staying warm. Sometimes my feet get cold and splurging on some good warm clipless shoes is going to have to happen soon because the riding is to good to miss right now, at least until the snow comes.
Anyway, keep checking the blog, I will have more book reports, more pictures of the sauna construction and daily reports on local skiing once it happens.

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