Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wendy gets a new boat EH!

This is Wendy Killoran picking up her new GTS a few weeks ago. Wendy circumnavigated Prince Edward Island, 600km (375 miles) in just 15 days. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. On top of that she also started a 2,700 mile four month assault on a circumnavigation of Newfoundland as well. She used a GTS in both those expeditions but we decided that a newer even more bombproof model might be just the thing for a high mileage person like Wendy. This boat is layed up in both the expedition lay-up (extra beefy with more kev layers, more glass and more tough weave) and it is also layed up with all bulkheads glassed in plus a glass outside seam as well. Despite the beefy layup the boat weighs in at a mere 51 lbs. So if Wendy needed a tool to go out and do more long fast tours she has it now! If you want to know more look her up at Canoecopia this year where she will be a key note speaker...

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