Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Possible new artificial nordic ski area?????

So with the winter pretty much a wash, we glide junkies are becoming more and more insane. I was out riding frozen singletrack the other day and say this ski hill near our house. It is just a small 300 foot little hill. It will someday be where my children learn to ski and I look forward to that day. Right now however it looks like the perfect place for a nordic circuit! I rode over and spoke to the owner Bob and asked about that possibility and he basically said if the Nordic community can come together with a plan and a fee that will help cover the costs he would be interested. Mont Du Lac has its own snowmaking (the whole place is covered NOW) and is privatley owned, has a bar and during the summer has some killer singletrack, it is a small mecca in a sea of dispair... So now we wait and see what the Nordic Community in Duluth will do with a held breathe.......

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