Friday, January 05, 2007

Real Ski Report Version One

So this will be the first Real Ski Report. If you have not read the instructions on how to read the ski report please see the post previous to this one.
So Marg (AKA the wife) wanted to get a ski in today so we went back to the Fond Du Lac State forest to see how the snow has been handling the 40 degree temps and the above freezing nights. Certainly the snow was all still there it just was not as fluffy having heated up and consolidated. Lonny the groomer was there with his late model Ski Doo doing some packing and cutting the numerous down trees that fell with the heavy snow and high winds. The skiing was pretty good but it was a kicking and gliding nightmare. The snow was really wet and yet it was freezing as well so it was pretty slick and fast on some of the downhills, they got pretty exciting especially when you came around the corner to see a 6 inch maple laying there.
So lets lay out the criteria.
1) Coverage, great
2) Conditions, challenging. Sticky wet snow over rough uneven ground with birch sticks everywhere.
3) Gear use, not the worst gear but stuff you can slide over rocks and rotten logs ever so often. Atomic Waxless touring skis.
4) Fear factor, nominal
5) No need for health insurance.
6) Time skied, 3 hours.
On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 5 but due to low snow conditions I would give it a 10. After all it was skiing and not running.

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