Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Today I skied Gerry Ford into the Grave

I turned my gaze west instead of north and east like the rest of Duluth does and realized that just 25 miles away there is 10 inches of sweet new snow. Gus let me in on a secret little nordic area near Cromwell and I headed there. I was so happy to see snow, I ended up skiing for several hours, kicking and gliding but ended up doing more trail work at this juncture. I figured if the area was going to hold snow I might as well clear the brush so I can keep coming back. I think that I found my new writing stuba too as there are two really cool huts on the trails that have wood stoves in them!
This is the type of season where the creative reap the benefits and the well rounded too, if you only skate, then you are missing out on the best skiing around....classic. The overhead shot is the trail from a crazy fire tower that is there.

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