Sunday, March 04, 2007

Freak storm equals good turns in Winona, MN

The bluffs around WInona, MN are pretty sweet. They are only about 500 vertical feet but they are covered in hardwoods and goat prairie. I was raised in Winona and in 30 years of living there I have always dreamed of the big dump that might make this place skiable. Finally this week that all came to fruition because of a freak winter storm that dumped about 45 inches of snow over about five days. This was truly an event that special. First the snow came in one large wet event. Second it settled out and became very supportive and then lastly the temps dropped and another foot fell on that great base. Temps in Southern Mn this time of year are almost always warm and the chance that there was a supportable deep base with true dry and deep powder on top was truly a rare event. We skied for two days and skied things that I might not ever see covered in snow agian in my lifetime.

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