Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Vandals hit Thomson, Res/Midway River

So this is the stuff that just kills me. All this is from most likely one party, that has abused this area multiple times. Can you imagine going to such a gorgeous place, tearing it up with your ATV, then getting to the cool spot, burning a bunch of garbage, throw your beer cans in the water, then cut down a bunch of trees so that your view is better?


Anonymous said...

You missed out on the real clean up. If you ever feel inclined to dry heave while sifting through roadside waste, look no further than Skyline Parkway. You'll see an ample supply of feces, bones, hides, carcases, household garbage, etc. all packaged up nicely in black garabage bags to insure a smell so putride, words cannot do it justice.

Let's go for a ride sometime.

Scott KJ

Anonymous said...

Whoops. Spelled putrid, carcass and "insure" incorrectly for for ya...

Gotta go edit books.

scott kj

Charlie Farrow said...

Hansi...good reading...this is a Top Notch Blog...whatz with those guyz??? I don't get it!!! Why would anyone do such destruction?