Monday, June 04, 2007

Save the Wild U.P.

Everytime that I head to the U.P (Michigans Upper Peninsula for all you Mountain State folks) this issue hits me square in the face. Literally, because there are bill boards all over pushing this issue. Read up on this little game that is going on north of the McCormack Tract in the U.P. These mining guys are telling the locals that 1) they are going to create more jobs and 2) that sure they can put a Sulfide mine, UNDER the headwaters of the only river known to spawn "Coaster" Brook Trout (one of the few Native Trout Species in Lake Superior) and not create any ecological damage. Why is it that big biz always assumes the public is so dumb? Maybe because they are? The permit is due up any day now and they are starting to mine ASAP once it does...

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