Monday, July 09, 2007

A-Fib it is not

So some of you close to me know that I have been having some interesting heart problems over the past few years. Well, in the last two weeks it has really taken a turn for the worse. I have Atrial Fibrilation, something that is more common that you think. The problem is that it really takes a toll on you both day to day and certainly in any outdoor activity. It feels like hell, you have no power (sort of like your car running on only three cylinders instead of four!). Originally I was having maybe one attack a season, then maybe one every few months, every few weeks but now it is happening every time I hit the trail. Needles to say most events I have done in the past year have been with a heart that is beating and moving blood at a less than effecient rate.
With that said my motivation has been fairly impaired, especially if I am riding or running with others. Sort of bums me out and others when I have to walk up every little hill and I am pain the whole time. Huh. I have already been in to see the docs, I am seeing a specialist next week and am exploring the options of treatments both chemically, electro shockingly and surgically as we speak.
Other famous people we know about dealing with A-fib are as follows......Scott Baackes. Must be more too, maybe we could start a support group. Some great info at this site........


skimohr said...

Hansi- At least you are making some progress in understanding what the heck was going on. May the force be with you. We are thinking about you big time...sending all the healing energy we can muster. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hansi...WOW!!! I am thinking totally positive thoughts for you...Itz cool that you got a leash on the ya need to get a joke chain on it!!!