Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Anchor Bar in Superior, WI

This comes from Perfect Duluth Day and the venerable Barrret Chase. When I saw it I totally needed to link it. For those of you lucky enough or un-lucky enough to not live in the Duluth area the Anchor Bar is the classic sailor/longshoremen bar. Literally the sailor bar. Most people would say that is not possible in the Midwest but keep in mind that Duluth-Superior are the biggest shipping ports in the country. We get all sorts pf "salties" coming from the world over and the Anchor Bar is likely to have a few of them hanging around. The place is also just plain a cool place to hang for the rest of us as well and even though you might not feel welcome (it is a truly rough place, I once saw the bar mistress punch a customer in the nose then turn to me with the nicest smile and ask what the HELL I wanted) it is a mainstay around here.
Here is the bar site, its great.
Hey you can get a burger and fries for $4.00!

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