Tuesday, September 04, 2007

BWCA Respite

We just returned from a great weekend in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. The drought is obvious, it looked as though the leaves were already changing and the rivers were basically dried up. The fishing was killer though and the company of our friends Ryan and Sherri was awesome too!


dharma bum said...

Hey Hansi - welcome back! We just spent the weekend up there too (Thurs-Sun) in the Snowbank Lake area. Whereabouts were you guys? Sure was a nice time, but you're right about how dry it is. Pretty frightening.

Loki said...

Hey DB
We just did a quick little tour around East Bearskin, into and up to Clearwater and then over to West Pike and Gogebic. It was super crowded around Caribou so we ended up base camping on Clearwater (a 10 horse lake) the funny irony was though that we saw zero people on the motor lake! Loads of smallies, even some on the fly otherwise still some good swimming to be had huh!

dharma bum said...

Sounds nice! Go figure about the crowds... We had great solitude for a day or two in the Ima Lake-Thomas Lake area, but then came back through Disappointment on Saturday and most if not all the campsites there were taken. Somehow the gods smiled on us and we got the last site in the area on Parent Lake for our final night. That was a relief. Yeah, swimming was great. So invigorating. Only brought the fly rod on this trip, but I intended to use it toward the end on Disappointment and Parent. The 15-20 mph winds on Parent kind of ruled that out so no fishing was to be had. Kind of a bummer. Cheers.