Monday, September 24, 2007

Meet your Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

This weekend I was lucky enough to meet the conservation officer of the region in which I live. A great guy with a huge job. He lamented the huge amount of territory that he and another officer are in charge of. He also lamented the fact that his job is ever changing. No longer is his title "Game Warden" it is "Conservation Officer" and it now entails recreation baby sitter and ATV cop. He turned me on to the new
Conservation agenda. Some very interesting and disturbing reading. Hunting and fishing as far as numbers are totally down and falling as we speak. However, ATV use is sky rocketing. However as he stated himself, despite the numbers the users tend to hang themselves by being destructive to the resources. It was cool to meet this person as he has some great insight into the area that we live, the people and especially the fish and animals that reside here alongside of us. If you are in a rural area and have the chance, calling up your local officer might not be a bad idea. Especially if you are dealing with destructive people in your backyard, ATV or otherwise because these officers rely on local people to act as stewards an supply them with any information possible to help them do their jobs.

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