Monday, September 24, 2007

Stihl maker of Chainsaws takes a stand on big box dealers

I was paging through the Wall Street Journal this morning and saw this crazy add from Stihl. It blew my mind and really made me feel good. As a seller of high quality kayaks I have had to battle with my retailers to make them understand the depth of the commitment that CD has made to them as "specialty" retailers. We dont sell Big Box, our comp does and yet our retailers still feel the need to support them. Well finally here we have a major industrial and mainstream company standing up and saying no and not only that, doing it in a big way in huge one page ads in the Wall Street Journal. The Greenneck should take note.
Check it


Anonymous said...

THAT is a beautiful thing. NOW please don't tell me you buy insurance from State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, or Nationwide.
Support your LOCAL INDEPENDANT insurance agent for the same reasons.

Loki said...

Hey JJ,
So yeah great point. We dont buy from any of those companies, but what is the best way for me to make sure that my money is actually going to a local agent. That would be worth looking into, we actually buy from an old family friend in Minneapolis at this point. I am currently shopping hard for local lumber as well, looking to several small indy sawmills to help me stay off the Menards gravy train. It is harder than I thought it would be thats for sure.