Friday, October 05, 2007

Winter Wildlands Alliance

On another film note. "Cross Country with the Snakes" will be screened at the Winter Wildlands Alliance film fest this fall. Check this group out at I am really encouraged to have my film playing for a group that has a tag line that reads "Giving Solitude a Voice"

Coordinator Charlie Woodruff send this info yesterday......

"I’m putting some promo stuff together for our BC Film Festival featuring your films and I need some still shots to offer to newspapers and magazines. Right now we’re lined up for shows of the WWA BC Film Festival in Boise, Salt Lake (2), and Steamboat, and details will be forthcoming for the Front Range (Ft. Collins, Boulder, Denver), Tahoe, Sun Valley, and McCall. Boise will be the biggest show with 770 seats.

I’m producing a promo for the festival with clips from the films that features information about WWA and our goal with the festival. The promo will play at the beginning of every showing and will also be featured in a few Avalaunch shows (see ) at the winter Outdoor Retailer market."

Charlie originally saw the "Belarus" video on You Tube and contacted me about "Cross Country with the Snakes" hopefully we wont dissapoint!

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