Thursday, November 22, 2007

Duluth "El Nino" report

Here is some great beta (by the numbers) as to how El Nino will affect Duluth.

Oh yeah, thanks to all that have congratulated me on the film and Banff. Hope that you all have or had a great Thanksgiving. Also Dharma, this photo and the last one come from the Minnesota State Historical Society. You can actually purchase reproductions of them, however these I sort of "borrowed".


Matthew R. Perrine said...

Hey, I saw your film at Cinema Lounge last week ... what was the name of that Russian ski instructor you were talking about?


dharma bum said...

Should have known. I've had lots of fun browsing the Historical Society's photo database. Nice work finding those great pics.

You've spent some time on the St. Croix north of Stillwater. These (1, 2)look familiar?