Thursday, November 29, 2007

New book on the St.Louis River

I have bored many a visitor speaking about how important the Portage trail around the St.Louis River was to both Native Americans and to fur traders alike, but now there is a book that will do it for me!
Larry is a firm supporter of the Carlton County Historical Society and his book is worth a look, as are his History Hikes in the park. Here is a brief description.

Between the Waters: Tracing the Northwest Trail from Lake Superior to the Mississippi
by Larry Luukkonen
Hunters, warriors, voyageurs, fur traders, missionaries and
explorers can all be found traveling over the Northwest Trail
in Between the Waters. This fascinating look at an important
trade route will not only expose you to the rigors of navigating
raging rivers and mosquito infested portages, but also introduce
you to the colorful cast of characters who traveled the Northwest Trail. Historian Larry Luukkonen brings trail and traveler to life in a well-documented and illustrated account of early Minnesota history.

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