Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Current Designs Makes TIME Magazine

A great article on Kayaking in TIME magazine, even a quote from the great Sage Rich Enochs!

Ski Jones
A really cool site on ski history to get your jones on for the coming winter! Big snow, big snow, big snow....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Snakes" selected to show at the Rossland Mountain Film Festival
So the nice people in BC took a look at the flick and loved it. I think that the qoute about the "snakes skiing" was something like" we laughed our asses off" now that is my kind of film selection board. Gotta love the Canadians!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A wet week in The BWCA

Margaret and I headed up the BWCA for a short version of our annual paddle trip. The weather was pretty tough but we had the gear to handle it. We did get some short peaks of the sun and when we did we found plenty of good food to eat, fish and fowl....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Its official. "Cross Country with the Snakes" is on the Banff world Tour!
Just so there is no confusion here. The Snakes flick made the world tour. That means that it will go to 480 possible screenings world wide. The way it works is that the film is put into a small catalog of about 25 films and the individual screenings pick which films they feel will be best for their markets. So who knows how many will view the snakes, but I do know that three have picked it already, one being our local showing here in Duluth. The film DID NOT make it however as a finalist in the actual feature version of the Banff fest held in Banff. In either case, after multiple attempts at getting into Banff, I am least part of the festival. Hopefully what I learn from here will give me a chance at someday being a finalist. The Banff version of the Snakes flick will be slightly edited as Banff wants shorts for the tour. So about three minutes of the original film will not be there. There will however be a slate that advertises where people can pick up the DVD if they want to watch the full version. Actually, that will be

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Adopt and Island
I just had a great meeting with MN Powers Dave Marciniak who works in the recreational Developement division. He should be applauded for his new "Adopt an Island" program that is promoting cleaning up MN Power water ways. The original program is centered around Island Lake, Fish Lake and Boulder lake but he is looking to start a pilot program here on the Thomson Res. So of course Margaret and I have signed up straight away. Anybody that wants to lend a hand, give a ring!

Big Meeting at Spirit Mountain Today

What a treasure we have in Spirit Mountain here in Duluth. How many cities can boast two city owned Nordic and Alpine Ski areas? Unfortunately Spirit Mountain itself has been mismanaged for the past 15 years and is bad shape. Oppurtunites that have been taken advantage of by other alpine areas have not even been addressed at Spirit Mountain. IE better track skiing,lighted track skiing, mountain biking both downhill and cross country and hiking Frisbee Golf etc. To better get a handle on those options Spirit has paid $48,000 to Johnson Controls to have a public meeting and analysis of what direction Spirit should take. Too bad, that $48,000 could have pretty much bought the groomer that the XC area has been screaming about for the past umpty ump years. I know plenty of my breathren will be at the meeting. I hope that for once their voice is heard, but after working at Spirit for a season, I will believe it when I see it.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Gulmarg, India worlds longest ski lift

I had the great pleasure of hooking up with karhu skier Dave Watson this weekend. He is living in Minneapolis for a short stint while his wife Audrey gets her education. So we are lucky to have him but hopefully he has a decent experience in the land of flat while he is here. He wont have to suffer long though as he is heading to India to take part in running the Ski Patrol at the Gulmarg Ski resort. This is a place I have long dreamed of visiting and now might have the chance to!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Winter Wildlands Alliance

On another film note. "Cross Country with the Snakes" will be screened at the Winter Wildlands Alliance film fest this fall. Check this group out at I am really encouraged to have my film playing for a group that has a tag line that reads "Giving Solitude a Voice"

Coordinator Charlie Woodruff send this info yesterday......

"I’m putting some promo stuff together for our BC Film Festival featuring your films and I need some still shots to offer to newspapers and magazines. Right now we’re lined up for shows of the WWA BC Film Festival in Boise, Salt Lake (2), and Steamboat, and details will be forthcoming for the Front Range (Ft. Collins, Boulder, Denver), Tahoe, Sun Valley, and McCall. Boise will be the biggest show with 770 seats.

I’m producing a promo for the festival with clips from the films that features information about WWA and our goal with the festival. The promo will play at the beginning of every showing and will also be featured in a few Avalaunch shows (see ) at the winter Outdoor Retailer market."

Charlie originally saw the "Belarus" video on You Tube and contacted me about "Cross Country with the Snakes" hopefully we wont dissapoint!

"Where will you ski Today?"

My life is filled with long stories and this post is the culmination of one of them. The new Karhu Blog has just recently posted my Low Video "Belarus". That makes me happy as, perhaps the few people who will appreciate Brads skiing and my filmaking will be visiting that site. Karhu is certainly THE original company to come up with the idea of "total" skiing. Its heritage is incredibly deep in the mantra of go light, go fast and do it in style on minimal gear. It truly is amazing that Karhu still exists and all skiers should be pumped that a company like K2 (Jarden) should still have the sense of style and history to keep two historical nordic brands like Karhu and Madshus around. What is even better is that two New England dudes have had the pleasure to still be working at Karhu even with its move out west. Charlie and Graham are giving it a really solid effort and it shows.