Thursday, May 29, 2008

How it all happens

I am currently rocking the big road trip, only instead of taking weeks to do it, I am doing it in two days. Yesterday I logged 900 miles, today another 300 or so. Luckily gas is covered on this one but man time on the road is not and certainly it starts to wear on you. Today though I had an interesting inter-action. I was in a small cafe this morning, crowded with farmers and small towners, a place I like to eat at. The table next to me was an 8 top with a bunch of older locals. I could not help but overhear the conversations. First it started with the weather, moved to crop prices and finally to politics. One of the more boisterous members of the delegation stated that he had just been to a meeting of his Republican local the night before. He stated that various 'big whigs" from the state party had been there and that there were discussions of the "energy stuff" and also about the new farm bill. I was braced for serious Democrat bashing but it never came, actually what followed was a really solid conversation between farmers, and not everybody agreed with the Republican. In fact he even conceded some points. In any case it all came home to me, the trail of information, from the party meeting to the coffee house and thus onto a thousand more from there..........maybe we need to be spreadin the word through more converations at the rural greasy spoons?

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