Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Minnesota Folk Art

Another great Winona thing is Leo Smith. I have seen some form of Leo's art around our home or a friends since I was a little kid. Recently however his full collection was purchased by the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona and is worth a visit. Coincidently, Jon Swanson, a former Duluthian (we miss him up here) is the Curator of Collections and Exhibitions.
This pic is of one of Leo's pieces, actually it is the place where my wife Margaret and I were married, if you were there you might be able to recognize it, it is Trempealeau Mountain a significant site for the indigenous population, and also sight of some of the best Cycling in the midwest, if not the country. Certainly this is one of Leo's tamer works, I am more apt to like the super hallucinagenic versions!

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