Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shroom time in Southern Minnesota

Sorry for my touch and go blogging. Believe me, if I could do this for a living it would be better than the endless miles I am logging in my truck, doing kayak demos and spreading the gospel of the good living you can do on Minnesota and Wisconsin's waterways. But alas I can not. I had a killer tour this past week, Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Winona. For me all roads south go through Winona. That is where Wenonah Canoe is, but it also happens to be where my parents and my extended family on my mothers side all live. So it is a good thing. When I return to Winona I am always returning to my childhood and also to my heritage. Traditions that have spanned generations are hard to ignore. I end up getting up at the crack of dawn and hitting th trout stream, or skiing the old logging roads, or paddling on the flood swollen Mississippi River. This time however, I was too busy for much but I did hear that the Morels were in and that people were finding them by the garbage bag, now that makes jealous, really jeolous, if you have not had this delicate morsel then you need to, because you are missing one of lifes more simple pleasures.

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Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson said...


Que pasa amigo! Vamos a Patagonia en Octubre o Noviembre..por supuesto, para esquiar...y para recoger muchos moreles muy grandes. Let's catch up this week...