Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another big weekend in the "Valley of the Dragons Teeth"

I like to call the area that we live in the "valley of the Dragons teeth" because it is so different than any other area I have seen in Minnesota. Due to the amount of rivers and streams here and also due to the fact that there is almost a 1,000 feet of drop to the Lake Superior Basin, you have these crazy steep and sharp hills. They are layered in small narrow valleys, for miles. What this gives us, unlike many places in Minnesota is a unique mix of possible adventure sports. We have solid whitewater paddling onThe St. Louis River. We also have some killer mountain biking all over the place but especially at Mont Du Lac ski area. So it is only natural that on a late spring weekend you could run into the following events. First there is Paddle Mania going on both at the St. Louis River Outpost and then also a party at Mont Du Lac on Saturday night. Then on top of that, COGGS the cyclists of Gitchee Gumee, are putting on the "Dirtspanker" MTB race, also at Mont Du Lac on Sunday. So if you have a free weekend and you want some adventure, come to the valley of the dragons teeth!

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