Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dave Watson

This winter I had placed a post on my blog about Dave Watson a buddy of mine who was a guide and consultant at the crazy Indian ski resort called Gulmarg. Dave a high altitude climber has made his part time home in Minneapolis while his wife finishes Med school at the U of M. Dave and I had been friends while we both worked at Karhu Ski. This spring after Dave's return from Kashmere we had a talk on the phone as he was getting ready to leave for his k2Tall Mountain Expedition. A trip where he intends to climb and ski K2 via the Cesen Route. A bad ass an endeavor as any I have heard of on skis. While talking over his opportunity to do this he related that he was going to be written about in a book called High Crimes a book that is tag lined "The fate of Everest in an Era of Greed". Dave had been part of the Conneticut Team that was hired to guide and summit Everest two years ago. Dave also skied several major lines while on that expedition. Dave did not speak to highly of the book and what it was going to say so suffice to say I was curious to see it once it came out. So you can imagine my surprise when my mother in law was reading it at the lake cabin over the Fourth of July, I had not realized it was in print. So now I am waiting in suspense until she finishes it so I can read it!

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Ashley March said...

GO DAVE!! Can't wait to hear all about K2 from you and Audrey!!