Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First annual Cooke-Ratcha ride

So our good buddy Guy Evans is in D-town this week and is trying to not only hook up with his many friends, he is also trying to do as much recreation as possible while he is here. So with that in mind we decided to do a big ride from Thomson to Mont Du Lac and back all on single track, then hit Mexico Lindo for some life sustaining vitamin "G". Well we made a few of the goals. We hit about 16 miles of single track heading east, but ran out of light due to a late start and had to pound 9 miles of pavement back up the park road to finish. It was a long slow grind back up the hill. By the time we made it home it was to late for Lindo so we opted for a pizza joint instead. Guy threw down and with his 6 inches of travel rode a few lines that I have actually never seen ridden. A killer time was had by all who attended and by some who did not.......
Next time, an earlier start, more singletrack and Mexican Food!

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