Friday, March 20, 2009

Dirtbags Manifesto on Child rearing post 1.

These posts have been on mind for a long time. I mean there are a lot of "me" out there. Skiing, riding, running, camping outdoor addicts that find themselves raising children and trying to stay true to thier habit. So I am taking it upon myself to start posting on the things that work and the things that dont.
So here is a thing that works. The Ergo Baby Pack. Marg and I are nordic skiing die hards who need to at the very least get on skis once a day, a workout is great but at this stage in the game with Tae we are realizing just getting out the door is great. With that said, the Ergo pack has become the go to ski device for putting Tae to sleep in the late afternoon. We started out with the Chariot but quickly realized that at least for skiing (riding is another story) it was not the ticket, more akin to slogging than gliding. However with the Ergo, 20km skis were not only possible but consistent, all with Baby Tae sleeping like rock while it was going down.

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