Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Marquette’s South trails might change

I went to an NTN meeting on Monday and learned that a city commission was about to present a report on what to do with the "Heartwood" land in central Marquette. If you are familiar with the area that is spot where the South Trails exist. The city purchased this area about 5 years ago for about 5 million dollars and now is thinking about how they can capitalize on that investment in these trying times. Originally slated for recreational use, development is now on the table. NTN however staying on top of this issue has been working hard to keep the mountain bike trails on the table and it would seem after sitting through the City commissioners meeting that the presenting committee had some interesting solutions on how both the trails could stay and development could occur.
I will keep you updated on how this all works out. Best case it will be a good example of how recreation and development can work together, worst case we lose a bunch of iconic UP riding.

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mark scotch said...

nice trails and a good city vibe. would be a shame to have them go away.