Friday, April 23, 2010

Why We Fight for Trails

Why We Fight for trails.

Endless committee meetings, suits, ties, handshakes and powerpoints, emails, distressed phone calls on threatened trails,happy faces and sad faces, advice, consultations, MOU's, contracts, bids, DNR, Webinar, opportunities, advocacy . All the while I am bolstered by a single vision in my minds eye because there is no question in my heart why I fight....

Its for the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces.
For the weightless turns.
The sounds of the forest singing by our ears.
To shed to burden of gravity and feel the speed of the deer and the flight and freedom of the birds.
To giggle like a two year old eating chocolate for the first time.
For silence and solitude.
For my child and his ability to have the option to do the same thing.
For community and friendship, comrades.
Visions and vistas
Slimmer waistlines and lighter steps
Everyday adventure

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Francis said...

you talk pretty.