Tuesday, May 11, 2010

IMBA World Summit 2010: Brown County Indiana

This aint corn rows and cow troughs let me tell you.
Underestimate Brown County riding and you lose out. After hitting Peoria we went straight to Brown County. A quick five or so hours east. We were so pumped to see the terrain change and get more rugged and aggressive. You are almost in KY by this point so dont think of southern Indiana as flat and typically midwest etc. It is steep, it is big and it is huge, Brown County State Park must be one of the biggest state parks I have cycled in in the midwest that is for sure.
We hit Schooner and Walnut loops and also Aynes on the opposite side of Hesitation point. Schooner was awesome, way over my head most of the time but plenty of exposure and thrills to be had despite having to walk some of the bigger obstacles. A great example of how a trail can be both sustainable and technical and scary all at the same time! We did not know it at the time but Brown County would ultimately be one our favorite rides of the trip and that says alot because we strode on some pretty sacred MTB lands during this trip.


indytriple said...

Thanks for the props, Hansi! We're on a mission to make Brown County one of the sickest trail systems anywhere in the US. We have a new 5 mile loop opening soon, and the vision for the entire system is around 40-50 miles (currently at 25). The trail system is also home to the biggest race in the state (DINO), one of the largest women's clinics in the US (Midwest Women's Clinic) and one of the biggest mountain bike events in the Midwest (The Brown County Breakdown). New for this year is the Sub-9 Super D Race this August. Come back and see us any time. Anyone that is thinking of visiting can always get tons of info at http://www.browncountymountainbiking.com.

Vibe Purveyor
Brown County Mountain Biking

Northstar Bikes said...

great photos of one of my favorite sets of trails!