Tuesday, May 11, 2010

IMBA World Summit 2010

So I just returned from a 10 day trip to the IMBA World Summit. It was a rocking success to be sure. However for me it was also a really cool experience just in getting there. So before I write on this great trip, I just want to thank my wife Margaret and my two year old son Tae for allowing me to go! I mean that sincerely as Margaret bears the burden when I am on the road and it is not a light one. So thanks again guys.
I decided to drive the "IMBAroo" to the event which was held in Augusta, GA. So of course on any good road trip you need somebody to ride shotgun. Several parties were interviewed but in the end Aaron Rogers of the a Copper Harbor Trails Club won out. A better partner could not be asked for, Aaron was game to drive hard and ride hard and because of that we made it a point to hit several trails systems in my region that are so far south for me that I have not been able to get there. Plus we hit four more trails that are on any MTB riders must ride list. We hit all these trails on the way south.
Peoria, IL, Brown County IN, Pisgah, NC, Dupont State Forest, NC. Keep in mind we did this all while leaving on a Sat night from Duluth at 7pm and arriving in Augusta, GA on Tuesday afternoon (about 1500 miles when you add in the Peoria stop). Then we hung at the Summit from Tuesday until Sat night, riding each day at some of the many trails in Augusta, including Modoc, FATS and Boyd Lake County Park. We drove back directly. So the next bunch of posts will all be related to that trip.

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