Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pisgah, NC

We left Brown County with intention of driving a ways south then pulling over to get some much earned sleep. The weather, which had been gently raining since we left Duluth, changed all that. Little did we know that we were driving into the floods that were currently washing away Nashville. I have seen some heavy rain but the deluge that hit us between Lexington and Knoxville was impressive. I was dead tired, wanted to stop but everytime we did the roads were blocked or closed. Eventually we found a hotel on high ground and crashed for the night.
In the morning though we awoke to more rain and had basically decided we were not going to have any riding that day. We had breakfast in Knoxville and while we were there we ran into this guy named Brian who was the local MTB club president. He saw our car and waved us down. In our conversation we lamented the rain and he told us that Pisgah would be fine in the rain, we were a bit skeptical after our incident at Peoria but we decided at the very least we could ride some gravel if need be.
We were also told that the The Hub bike shop would be a good source of info. He basically saved the day. We went to the Hub and were given the goods on the best trails to ride in the rain and why. Which we then did, I took no pictures of Black Mountain, Sycamore Shoals or Thrifty Shoals mainly because the rain was coming down so hard but we had a blast. Then it was back the Hub for more info on where to eat and sleep and where to ride the next day.....oh did I mention that the Hub has beer as well......

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