Thursday, September 23, 2010

Midwest MTB Eye Candy

Copper Harbor, MI  Hansi Photo

Cuyuna, MN Leslie Kehmeier Photo

Wall Street, Cable Wi.  Leslie Kehmeier Photo.

Another Fat Time at Chequamegon

The Swanker heading up Firetower.

Monday, September 13, 2010

MIdwest Mountain Bike Summit

I just returned from a very enlightening experience in Grand Rapids, MI and the Midwest Mountain Bike Summit put on by the Michigan Mountain Bike Association. We spent a lot of time at the Grand Rapids Bike Park. Spending time there was truly inspiring, the park is located in a neighborhood that can use positive influences and it was obvious that it was doing just that. I loved seeing the kids just playing their hearts out and really having fun on their bikes, it makes me realize that this aspect of my job is perhaps the most important. Along with the bike park we also watched a killer Cross Race and certainly spent a lot of time at Founders Brewery!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Copper Harbor Labor day delivers once again.

Flow Trail Copper Style

What a great week in the harbor with Margaret, Tae and all the cool people that have made riding Labor Day week up there a truly epic event. Thanks to Sam and Aaron for taking care of us while we were up there! The week had it all, my 40th bday ride (40 miles of singletrack for 40 years) a huge Superior storm that knocked the power out for a day and a half, Taes first singletrack ride on his strider bike, and Margaret's spill on Stairway to heaven. We had a great time and area already booked for next year!