Monday, March 28, 2011

Pizzzzgahhhhh!!!! Southeast Mountain Bicycle Summit in Brevard, NC

Walt "B" Ready

SORBA is dialed

Great club, great riding

Frankie dancing in the jungle

SORBA a club with legs!

Morgan of the Trail Care Crew

Rhodo tunnel 

Top of Black Mountain

Stick Season

Pisgah Tavern, beer in a bike shop!

What makes a great mountain bike destination?  Lots of great trails, good terrain but most of all good people to tie it all together.  SORBA (Southern Off Road Bicycling Association) gets that for sure.  Every time I come south to ride I have an amazing time.  Good riding, good food, great folks and always a ton of laughing and story telling.  So great job SORBA all the other Regional Summits have a lot to do to keep to the standard you have set!

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