Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Barn Sale: May 7th 2011 Final Details.

If these skis could talk
Gear sale.  May 7th 2011.
When: 9am to whenever somebody hands out the beer. Or when all this stuff is gone!
Where: 54 Dalles Ave.  Thomson, MN 55718 (Use your GPS). Come early!
What:  Mainly outdoor gear, some used some new.  Paddling stuff, telemark skiing stuff, backpacks, you name it we have most likely have something like it.

This is going to be a solid sale folks.  Not sure if it will be as epic as past sales that I have had but it will have a lot of good stuff for sure.  I have had a fun time preening through all this stuff.  I see skis I used in France with Doug Coombs.  Paddle gear that has been used all over the world, brand new Astral and IR stuff.  On top of that Dave Larson has brought a bunch of his one offs and salesman samples as well.  So believe me this sale is loaded.

See you soon!


Steve Benson said...

Teleboots size USA 10.5? Looking for something like a T2

Loki said...

Hey Steve!
No big boots, we have one pair women's Veloce's size 25.5-26.5.
Sorry! I sold off a bunch of boots this winter.

Joel said...

Just saw this... :\ Anything left?