Thursday, May 05, 2011

Last Walz Old City Hall: Superior Kettlebell final workout in the dungeon.

Time to move

Who knew bouncing a ball could hurt so bad

100th Burpee and contemplation of it

Secret Service test in action

Bottoms up

Its dark and damp.  There are no windows and the ceiling repeatedly spat out mortar and flakes of old construction material. In the winter it was heated mainly by the bodies of suffering athletes.  In the summer it was so hot that you felt you would suffocate. The only music allowed was metal and hard core punk.  It was the dungeon in the basement of the Old City Hall.  It looked like The Gimp could stroll out at any moment.  Yet I will miss it dearly as it was the perfect den for the group of alt athletes, punk fitness maniacs and outdoor adventure types who showed up to work out there every morning for the last three years.  It was Duluth underground at its best.  Violent, raw and holistic all at the same time.

I have seen lives transformed in this dungeon.  I have forged friendships here and I have seen people rise above fear, rise above challenge and literally show what they are made of ( I would include myself in all of these cases).

Adam and Liz Dailey should be respected for what they  have created in the basement of the Old City Hall.  That respect was not given however when the gym was unexpectedly and unceremoniously told to leave the building on one days notice this week by the owner of the building due to renovations.  It speaks to the strength of the community that Adam has built that so many people are pitching in to move the gym to a new location at 1st West and 1st Street.  I know we will make it ours and hell,  it will be nice to have a window to look out as I crank out my planks or the 100th burpee somebody makes me do.....


Herringbone said...

Although I have no background or history of SKG...that was a awesome post....concise ,gritty,compelling....thanks

Michelle said...

Thank you, Hasi, for putting into words what so aptly describes how we feel about Adam and Liz and the wonderful dungeon that created so many concrete experiences and friendships. The photos are stunning!! See ya at the new torture chamber!!

Chris Tritabaugh said...

Well written Hansi. My five-plus months in the dungeon have been exactly what you described and I owe all of that to what Adam and Liz have created as well as to those who follow. If last night in any indication the new gym will be an even great suffer-fest, just a little bit whiter.