Monday, June 13, 2011

Cuyuna Mountain Bike Festival (Hans "No Way" Rey is in the building)

Saturday was the start of the first annual Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival.  

Hans Rey came thanks to the financial support of MORC, QBP and IMBA.  We are extremely grateful that he came to the event.  His demo on Saturday night was outstanding.  He and John Gaddo a local MN trials rider lit up the crowd with some great riding.  The spectators were mainly kids from the area and I am positive that due to both Hans and John, they are already begging their parents for bikes that they can take to the now world class trails in their community.  

After both John and Hans's performance we had a night ride the took place at 10pm.  We had nearly 40 folks who attended that ride.  We hit a solid portion of the lower trails at Pennington and at one point we used our lights to highlight some of the b-lines so Hans could rip them in his typical effortless style.  All that attended arrived back at the cars in one piece...

There were also Wood tick races going on!

Zen master, zenning


Another satisfied customer (note the red dust)


Johnny G keeping it real


Its the faces to look at

A well organized night ride

Smoke em if you got em

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