Monday, June 27, 2011

Proving the fallacy of flatness: Midwest Mountain Bike Festival, Davenport IA

Slyvan Island, IL 

Great symbol for the Midwest MTB fest!
Never give up hope

Skid contest
Amid the ruins

No more war

Ken B.  Rocking as usual

Nuha nuhna nuhhhhhh
Jousting?  Really?  FORC for sure....

Congrats to FORC and all the folks that made the Midwest Mountain Bike Festival possible.  The Summit on Friday was well attended.  I think we had about 10 clubs in attendance and it was great to have all that experience in one room and to pass ideas, challenges and dreams around the room.  The Festival itself was a great time as well.  I enjoyed riding Sylvan Island, Scott County Park and Illiniwek, or course the Bent River Brewery was awesome too, as well as all the cool company!

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Eric Penne said...

HA! Ken crashing!