Monday, June 06, 2011

Spring sliding into Summer: A NE Minnesota outdoorsman's sigh of relief

Last friday I awoke to the sound of a loon on the lake.  It was about 5am and the loon was in full on howling mode.  I slid from the bed and while my family slept I loaded my bike and rode off to one of my favorite fishing spots.  It was cold enough that I needed a hat and a wool sweater.  Clouds threatened but the day was calm.  Perfect for a morning of fishing brookies.  My first fish was the biggest fish I have ever caught in this stream.  It was truly a wonderment.  As I release that beautiful fish, the storm that had been rumbling the distance finally unleashed.  Lightning and thunder raged and I was forced to sit under an upturned White Pine's rootball and watch the rain come sheeting down.  It was the storm that brought the heat from the southern part of the state.  It went from 50 degrees to 70 in a matter of minutes.  Spring had transitioned to summer.  As I watched the skies clear and the sun beam down a white tailed deer wandered into the stream below me.  I did not have the lens to truly capture the shot but I tried anyway.  As I watched the deer I flashed back to my first deer hunt and instantly I had the realization that I have been haunting streams like this for literally 30 years.  At that moment I can honestly say I felt true to who I am as a person.  One thing in 30 years has not changed and that is my love for being outside and I guess that is not going to change in the next 30 years.....

Wally the wonder trout...

Beavers and Brookies

Back cast?  What back cast?

Still growing

Stream buddy

Hunting bike turned fishing bike

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Greg said...

Wow. Some sorta heaven. Congratulations of 30 years spent "at home" in nature and your own skin.