Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tae's Wild Ride: Whoopidy Woo, Copper Harbor MI

On my bday I took the time to ride with Tae and Margaret.  We shuttled up to the summit of Brockway and Tae flashed Whoopidy Woo's descent at age 3.5.  It was a really amazing ride and I would put it up there with just about any outdoor activity I have done.  He was totally stoked and having a great time.  I learned some really powerful parenting skills as well....IE keep my mouth shut and trust that Tae has the sense to handle the riding and the challenges and that if he does not, he drops the bike and walks....I know a heck of a lot of adults that dont that skill!  At the end of the ride we hung with Aaron and Elias as they busted out Flying Squirrlel this according to Tae was by far his favorite part of the ride!


Garden Brook Bridge
Building Flying Squirrel with Aaron

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