Friday, December 23, 2011

New friends, new year and congrats to COGGS!

A look back over trail already ridden
A great visit with family and friends this week.  Lots of cookies and other things to totally ruin any fitness I thought I might have had!  Of course the bike or the skis are always along to mitigate that damage and this year it seems it will be the year of the bike for me.  I strode out to Wirth today on my Pug and had a really fun time.  I was doubly lucky on my ride as I ended up meeting and riding with Mike Riemer of Salsa and that was a real treat as I had many questions on how to tweak this beast for maximum fun time and he certainly had the tips that is for sure.  

Incredibly, riding home with a smile on my face, I heard my phone buzz in my backpack and of course ignored it.  However once I stopped for a drink I pulled it out and saw this.  COGGS has secured a very substantial grant from the State of Minnesota for a trail system of regional significance.  Damn, no doubt, the Duluth Traverse will truly be something to behold.  It is great to see that off road cycling has become a movement about creating better communities, we have stepped out from singly pushing the "trail" and are now pushing "Trails" plural and how they can create positive lifestyles and change lives.  Good work COGGS, it is great to see that it is happening in my community and we all need to get on board to help with the heavy lifting to make this a reality.

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