Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sauna and Snowbikes! This one is for Hautala!!

A great way to end a great day

Cooling off room
Hot room!!


Vito said...

What a great way to finish up a ride:)

Aaron W. Hautala said...


Now this sauna (sow-nah) is remarkable. Build around the natural rock? Stop the press! The sauna book is currently printing edition 2 right now and your sauna is certainly worthy of inclusion, perhaps the video documentary?


Looking forward to a winter ride soon and then basking in the steam we good Finns ( and Swedes) call Sauna.

Aaron W Hautala (howt ala)

Loki said...

Noted and corrected Hautala! Sisu!!

Todd said...

Awesome sauna. Thanks for the idea.