Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In praise of the spring sun

The trails are in perfect shape right now.  We still have an extremely firm base but in the forest there are spots with light dry powder still clinging to the shadows.  Most of the week it was hard to figure out what tool would work best for the job.  Skate skis, were the answer for most of the week, as the skiing was perfect (still is in some areas), but after the past two days we crossed squarely into the riding season.  This morning I rode to the rising of the sun, 18 degrees with Bard Owls hooting and the zipping crunch of my low PSI 2.4's.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pizzzzgahhhhh!!!! Southeast Mountain Bicycle Summit in Brevard, NC

Walt "B" Ready

SORBA is dialed

Great club, great riding

Frankie dancing in the jungle

SORBA a club with legs!

Morgan of the Trail Care Crew

Rhodo tunnel 

Top of Black Mountain

Stick Season

Pisgah Tavern, beer in a bike shop!

What makes a great mountain bike destination?  Lots of great trails, good terrain but most of all good people to tie it all together.  SORBA (Southern Off Road Bicycling Association) gets that for sure.  Every time I come south to ride I have an amazing time.  Good riding, good food, great folks and always a ton of laughing and story telling.  So great job SORBA all the other Regional Summits have a lot to do to keep to the standard you have set!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tae's Third Birthday

I dont usually post family photos on this blog.  I leave that up to Margaret but I had a few good shots so I thought I would toss them up.  The last shot is actually from a Fisher Price Kids Camera that Tae received from is Nana, this is one of his first shots with it.  I dig a present that is already teaching some artistic skills!

Three (including the thumb)

Locking acquired


Party favors
One of Tae's first photos.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stumping for the cause: North Shore Single Track

I spent the day working on the North Shore again.  This time it was with Scott Chapin of RJF insurance. We gave a great "Impact" of trails in your community talk to about 25 or so folks.  I did the broad talk on who off road cyclists are and Scott hit them with some very interesting economic numbers.  A great day to be on the shore as always!

A mecca in the making
Lutsen Resort, great supporters of tourism and especially silent sport tourism
Ride single track and stay here afterwards??  No brainer.
Sugarbush single track proposed trails
Yup, this car had 1,000 miles when I picked it up last Feb.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Images from the National Bicycle Summit in DC

I spent the week meeting with IMBA constituents, going to informational settings and lobbying both the House and the Senate on access issues for trails, saving possible Federal Funding streams and of course promoting projects that I have going on in my region.  A great week, always a great learning experience and of course hugely motivating!

Singing in the Rain, DC

The Fallen

Dave Dawkins sitting at the table going to bat for single track in Al Franken's office.

Please take me home!! This place is crazy!

Jenn Dice saving the world one trail at a time......

A make do attitude we will all need soon enough (Bucket/Shopping cart drum kit)

A great representation of the many arms of Government

Never ending protests

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mt. Superior, another great day in the Wasatch

We had the classic family vacation to Utah this week.  However, I was able to sneak away and hook up with some of my old ski buddies and knock off a classic.  A great day it was, perfect snow, sun and good friends dropping sweet lines to the valley below, while across the way folks pounded bumps and waited in lift lines......

Onward and upward

Good, but not good enough

Local flight line

Craig points to the objective

Quick break at Two Tree's

Get your kick turns dialed
Zman, zigging and zagging

From whence we came

Technical skinning 

G Man on top again

Looking into the future
 A flea on the back of a giant

Yin and Yang, moguls across the valley, pow underneath

The goods be gotten