Sunday, August 28, 2011

IMBA Trail Care Crew visit: LAMBA White Lake WI

Someday I want to write a book on the how humans have adapted to cycling in off road conditions.  I have seen so many different types of terrain and so many trails in this job that I have experienced how terrain dictates trail type, dictates riding style and gear etc.  In Copper Harbor you have cedar bridging.  In Duluth you have literal slick rock, in Cuyuna you have dusty sharp red rocks and on the Nicolette Roche Trails you have large round boulders.  All are incorporated in the the trails and all have created interesting rides.  
The boulders and the trails near Bear Paw Adventure are interesting and inspiring.  Not only in how fun they are to roll over, but also visually.  Add to that the fact that a huge F4 Tornado ripped the area a few years ago and you have a really amazing riding experience.  The blow zone is a veritable sea of black berries, I had trouble riding there were so many.  However the loud crashing of a bear got me rolling pretty quickly at one point!

Great job LAMBA, great trails and thanks for having IMBA come and do a visit!

Charlie rolling another big rock 

Riding through the impact zone

Kayak tree a memorial to the tornado

Sunday, August 14, 2011

St. Louis River huck 2011

when I was a kid we used to love jumping the wagon bridge in my home town.  It was pretty high, but not as high as these kids were hucking.  The DNR sign at the top of the bridge warns the fall is 88 feet and I believe it.  I think I counted almost 3 by the time they touched down...I dont condone this type of activity but it is hard to resist with a camera in hand.


Onward and upward
Oh yeah

Friday, August 12, 2011

Middleton Bike Park: Why it could be the future of WI off road cycling

I deal with a lot of opportunities in my job.  However, if I see 50 possible projects, I see only 1% that have the true potential to change communities, lives and influence economies.  I saw one of those places this week.
Middleton, WI.  Here are 10 reasons Middleton could change the way WI sees off road cycling.

1) Proximity to a huge cycling population and a very young youthful population.
2) Proximity to a vibrant cycling industry.
3) A Trails educated, motivated and enlightened land manager with knowledge of funding streams.
4) Adjacent land owners with large acreages and an already established adventure sports environment.
5) An IMBA Chapter Club (CORP) to get behind the project.
6) A 5 year management plan is being implemented this winter, with time for introducing a bike specific proposal.
7) Whole project is going to be intersected and connected via paved trail to Madison.
8) City owned property versus State owned. (makes a big difference in WI).
9) 100 room hotel being built on property.
10) Current bike park is professionally designed and constructed--allowing city to understand best practices in trail building, design and how to work with contractors.

Middleton has the ability to be a destination riding spot, with gravity based, flow based trails in the metro region of Madison.

This is an opportunity for sure......

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trek World 2011: Team Leopard goes Mountain Biking

Trek brought in the big guns for this years show.  Team Leopard was on hand to talk about their recent domination of the TDF.  It was amazing to hear their stories.  After speaking in front of the crowd, they sat down to sign autographs.....the line was literally 3-4 hours long so I skipped it.

However, the next day I was hanging out at the Trek Trails and low and behold Andy, Frank and Jens showed up for an MTB ride.  I was able to meet them and get some shots as well!

Fabian Cancellara wading through a lot of writing

Actual tour bikes on display

Heading out on the trails

Andy Schleck hitting the berms

Frank Schleck tearing it up on the Superfly 

Jens Voigt signing Ken Derrico's demo truck (note other autographs)

Trek World 2011: Gary Fishers three best outfits...

Sherlock Holmes



Trek World Demo 2011

Once again riding the Trek Trails.  They just seem to be getting better and better....

The Trail builder, killing it


Keeping it safe

Trek World 2011

 I just spent three days at Trek World.  Lots to post, so get ready!

Replica, first Trek
Lots to look at, lots to drool over

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Smallie Hunting: Cloquet River

The Cloquet River is one of the most overlooked fishing rivers in Northern, MN.  Good for us though!  However the water has been a bit high after our 5 inch dump of rain!

Dawkins hucking meat...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tae's first BWCA Trip, Age 3.5

We could not have had better weather and conditions for Tae's first excursion into the BWCA.  Tae was a super trooper.  He had a great time and I think that we have him off on the right foot for becoming a child connected to the outdoors.  There was swimming, fishing, paddling, hiking, cooking, eating and of course fires and smores as well.  I have a new found appreciation for those families that have been taking their kids on backcountry trips at this age that is for sure....