Monday, January 02, 2012

Midway River tour: News Years Day Ride

Midway River,  Thomson, MN
New Years day I found myself in an interesting conundrum.  Over night we had a blustery and powerful system come through MN.  Of course it brought snow, but not quite enough for good skiing in our area and perhaps too much to ride the fat bike.  However I had a standing ride with my buddy Matt Evingson, AKA the "Red Squirrel" and due to an injury he can ride but cant ski.

Normally, I would be the guy with the rock skis ripping the ugliest coverage  but I decided to brave the 4 or 5 inches of wet snow and head out on the bike.  We had 30-40 MPH gusts and some interesting experiences.  Eventually we settled on riding up and down the Midway River.  It of course turned out to be a great day, which you knew it would, once you got your ass out the door.  Sauna followed and that was well deserved.  I realize I have been posting a lot of shots of my neighborhood, but right now its where I am spending the most time so I expect I will have a bunch more coming....

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