Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Back to McGillavery Pass 2012

The boys a few minutes after surviving an avalanche in BC

Well, it is sounding like I am back on a hut trip to Whitecap Alpine in BC.  It has been years since I set foot on the skin track for this length of time and while I am super, super stoked I also have my inner demons.  I have done many, many trips like this in my past, and with these same buddies.  In fact the pictures above were taken just minutes after a slide partially buried most of our party and fully buried two of us.  It all worked out all right, but these shots always remind me of the dark side of deep powder skiing as well.  For the camera buffs, these shots were taken with a 1970's vintage Canon Canonette Range finder film camera.  Love clicking that thing.  The party the night after the slide was perhaps one of the most intense and fun events I have witnessed.  Something about near death experiences that really get the party out of you I guess.

The shots below were taken at Whitecap four or five years ago.  I love the fact that I took them way before I was really getting serious on still photography.  I shot them with a $90 dollar point and shoot that most likely created a smaller file than my Iphone does now!  It speaks to the majesty of the place that the images still look compelling.  You can see a few more of these shots here.  I am truly stoked to hang with my buddies for a week and to snap away in the beauty of the Coastal Range.  

Thanks Kim!

Home sweet home

This is a helicopter ride...and what is the duct tape for?

High plains drifters

First lap


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