Sunday, March 04, 2012

Home bound from BC!: Whitecap Alpine ski trip 2012

Well.  I made it out of the hut and am now working my way home from BC.  Trip was incredible and went well save for a buddy breaking a leg on the last run of the last day, which added an unfortunate angle to an otherwise stellar event.  I busted my ass on both my skis and my camera and can honestly say I have not worked harder on a project than this.
I cant wait to see Margaret and Tae, I miss them a ton.  10 days in a hut nestled in a snow bound and remote valley in BC really gives a person time to reflect and to value what you have at home and I realize that the biggest treasure in my life is back in Carlton, MN.  That said, thanks BC and thanks to the folks at Whitecap and of course all my buddies that I lived and suffered with these past 10 days.  Look for more great photos from this trip in the near future!

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