Monday, March 26, 2012

My trip to DC this year was amazing and amazingly successful.  However it was not a photo trip and I basically was so busy that I was barely able to rip the GF1 out for some quick images.  Here they are in random order.  I was very blessed to have the Mayor of Duluth, Don Ness at the Summit this year and it was really fun to introduce him to some industry heavy weights and also to walk the hill with him.  I learned a ton and I am still reeling while I process all the info and experiences I have had in the last week!  Thanks Adam and COGGS and thanks Don as well.

METRO lots of time underground

Into the deep

Mayor Ness getting ready for an interesting meeting with Congressman Cravaack

The Mayor and I discuss our meeting with Congressman Cravaack

Cherry blossoms everywhere you look!

IMBA's DC Lobbyists.  The best and the brightest fight for single track trails!

Working at McBee
84 degrees and lots of stuff growing

Film projected on an outdoor wall.

Love the art in DC and I always plan a museum tour and this year was no different

The Fish always has a smile for anybody who wants a photo.  Adam and Dave were no exception

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