Monday, May 07, 2012

The Rogers wedding: Aaron and Amanda Copper Harbor 2012

Brockway Mountain.  Tae looking for birds...or is it puddles?

Weddings mean shuttle rides.....

Tae after 5 hours in the car.  Michigan House will never be the same.

Tae has perfected his puddle riding for sure.

The rev belting it out on the Lake Superior Shores, with the Deuce in attention.

The farm...bought.

The rev later told me this was a replica Jedi robe.  That is awesome.

It got late

Happy Couple 

Plenty of friends in attendance
Yup.  Those are Marg's dancing eyes.......
I dont think I have ever had a bad trip to Copper Harbor, MI.  Although my brain does remember going there as a boy scout and there is a slight recalling of a very rough passage to Isle Royale...but that is another story.

This time me, the kid unit and the mom were there to celebrate Aaron and Amanda's wedding.  I have been working with Aaron and the Copper club for a long time so it was really great to attend the wedding, see the full Copper Harbor community at its finest (not during the tourist season) and to celebrate a truly great occasion.  Since my main man for shooting was standing at the alter I have no real MTB shots to show, however these are some of the images that remind of the weekend.  My favorite story of the whole time happened at Ziks Bar.  I spent a late night with Aaron and his friends the night before the wedding and then stumbled off into the darkness back to our cabin.  The next day I was reminded that I had left without closing my card out at Ziks.  I was told that it was ok though, I was going to be back there that night anyway, and they would just keep the card and keep it open!  I love it, a town where I can literally just park my credit card at the bar, for the weekend!

Congrats to Aaron and Amanda.  Enjoy your time on earth and your lives together.  You have a great start already!

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