Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Congrats to Eric Carter! BMX Hall of Famer!

Eric Carter winding down after a long day at Cuyuna

I have been really lucky in that my job has put me in contact with a lot of really cool people.  Advocates, volunteers, community leaders, politicians and even a pro athlete or two.  In just two years I have worked with and have met and had the chance to photograph a bunch of really interesting and gracious professional cyclists.  All of them have been super nice, super supportive of IMBA and our mission and just plain good people.

People like Christian Vande Velde, the Schleck brothers and Jens Voigt, Gary Fisher, Hans Rey and just recently Andrew Shandro.

However, the person who made me laugh the most was Eric Carter.  What an awesome dude.  So I just wanted to congratulate him on his recent induction to the BMX Hall of Fame.  This is huge for Eric who spent his childhood as a pro BMXr and later in life migrated over the kick peoples butts in MTB.  To hang with him you would not know he was a World Champion BMX racer.

EC came last summer to a photo shoot with myself and several other locals on the Cuyuna trails.  It was a trip to watch how amazing he was on a bike and also to just joke around and hear his insane stories.  It was really a cool day for me.  I had taken a big chance on that shoot.  It was my first real photo shoot and luckily I landed with an athlete like EC.  He took the time to give me some pointers and even clued me into a bunch of shots that he knew, but I had never been exposed to.  Instead of playing the big fish in the small pond, he just played as part of the team and because of that we ended up with 15 shots in Mountain Bike Action and full feature story.  That would not have happened if EC had not given up some is knowledge.  In any case huge congrats to EC and his honor.

Easy going on easy street


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