Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Andrew Shandro's and Aaron LaRocque's Copper Harbor Visit on Pinkbike.com

First time visitors to Copper Harbor, life long fans.

The boys looking at Pictographs

Old school graffiti

Man I guess when it rains it really does pour.  First a cover shot for Cuyuna and next a Pinkbike story on line!  A pretty un-tasteful analogy after the past week I know.

However because I was so caught up in the floods I did not realize that Pinkbike has posted a story on Andrew Shandro and Aaron LaRocque's visit to the Harbor.  Oh those were fun times and they seem so far away.

Thanks to Aaron and Andrew and of course A-Rog and the folks in Copper Harbor for a very memorable week.  To illustrate this post I actually had found a bunch of files that I had yet to download from the week.  We took some time (after shooting guns) to visit some remote beaches and were also able to see some really cool pictographs as well.  We also ate at the Harbor House of course...

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